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A consolidation loan is a popular solution, intended to pay off previously incurred liabilities. Thanks to find this, debt consolidation merged into one, lower and more convenient installment. The borrower who is cut off often faces a dilemma, not “whether”, but “what” consolidation loan will be the best for him. Especially for the unoriented, we have prepared a ranking of the best loans on the market.

1. Consolidation loan in Lamar Bank, for regularly paying off

Lamar Bank dedicates its offer to people who have so far repaid their liabilities regularly. They can lower the current interest rate by up to 30 percent. The Bank accepts various sources of income, not only a contract of employment, but also a contract of mandate and a contract for specific work. The consolidation loan can be up to PLN 200,000. In addition, the bank gives you the opportunity to receive additional cash for any purpose.

2. Pagano Bank’s consolidation loan secured by a mortgage

Customers who are interested in the Pagano Bank offer must have real estate collateral. Here, the minimum loan amount is PLN 20,000, while the maximum is:

  •  80 percent of the value of the property constituting the collateral for the loan – if the consolidation includes a mortgage
  • 70 percent of the value of the real estate constituting the loan collateral – if the consolidation concerns only consumer loans

Pagano Bank limits the number of applicants to 4 and sets the age requirement. People who are 25 years of age or over 75 years of payment on the last installment can apply for credit. The loan term is from 3 to 30 years and can be obtained in tranches or once. In this case, the bank allows repayment of the loan both in fixed and decreasing installments.

3. Bailey consolidation loan with a low annual interest rate

Currently, Bailey offers promotional terms for reduced commission and interest rate, but only until June 28. Consolidation for indebted in this case includes loans: cash, car, renewable, installment and credit cards from another bank. In addition, you can receive additional money, up to 100% of the balance of consolidated liabilities, for any purpose.

In the case of Bailey, you can apply for a loan of up to PLN 180,000 gross, while the repayment period can be extended up to 96 months. The advantage of this offer is the lack of the necessity to open an account at Bailey and the fact that the application can be submitted online.

4. Lloyd Banking Services, i.e. not only mobile telephony

Lloyd Banking Services is a relatively new player on the market, which was created from the merger of Sync with the TMobile mobile telephony operator. The loan does not require an account, but only the bank’s clients have the option of submitting the application online.

You can use it to pay off cash, revolving and credit card loans. It does not require guarantors and securities, but the maximum loan amount is PLN 200,000, and the maximum loan period is 10 years. All formalities have been reduced to a minimum, and the loan is granted in the Polish zloty.

5. Herrer consolidation loan allowing to maintain credibility for BIK

This is an offer proposed by the Herrer financial services comparison engine. Individuals who submit an application through it can receive up to 30% lower interest rate. Thanks to the fact that Herrer sends a query to up to 7 financial institutions, the score in BIK is not reduced.

The decision to grant a loan may be issued after 24 hours and the application is submitted online. The advantage of using Herrer is the lack of fees for submitting the application itself, and the offer is the same as the one received in the bank.

In the case of an assignment , a creditor transfers the claim to a contracting party, who then becomes the creditor. The assignment is a disposal transaction based on a commitment transaction. This can be a donation, a sales contract or other contractual arrangements. The original creditor is also called Cedar, the new one referred to as the assignee. Once the assignment has been completed, the cedant loses the right to seek the debtor’s debt. This right then has the assignee. According to the law, the so-called accessory securities ordered for the claim, such as liens, mortgages or guarantees, also go to the assignee. Basically every claim can be assigned, but there are exceptions. These include highly personal claims such as leave entitlement, pension or maintenance claims, claims that relate to a special trust relationship, claims in which an assignment, by agreement with the debtor, has been excluded, unrecoverable claims and legally prohibited claims assignment as under §§ 473, 717 Civil Code.


The assignment agreement is free of form and is valid even if the claim relates to a contract that is formally required. It is not necessary for the debtor to participate or receive any information. This is a silent cession. An exception is declared under § 42 (2) of the Tax Code.
An assignment may also take the form of a sale of the claim. As a result, the cedant can become liquid again in the short term. An assignment can also be used as a form of credit insurance, for example, when disbursement claims of corporations, life insurance claims or salary claims are assigned to a bank. If this form of assignment is chosen, the bank will be paid the insurance claims as soon as the customer is no longer solvent.
If it is an open cession, the debtor is informed about the upcoming assignment. The payments to be made are then only to be made to the assignee. Usually the open assignment is especially with life insurance.

There is also the assignment of future claims, such as the global assignment or the extended retention of title. However, it is a prerequisite that the claim is exactly designated or at least to be determined.

If an assignment is agreed, an assignment agreement is signed, which both creditors sign. There are no formal requirements, but they must be in writing.




BIK is something that scares a lot of people. Is it worth avoiding it so much? What impact does it have on everyday life?

BIK is something that scares a lot of people. Is it worth avoiding it so much? What impact does it have on everyday life?


BIK is the Credit Information Office. In fact, it is an institution or rather a register of all people who have or have had a credit obligation. If someone takes a loan, loan or buys something in installments, then he goes to BIK. This is done automatically and helps banks know who has what load. However, it is not the burden itself that interests them, but whether these obligations are repaid. If we pay off debts, no one will admit us because banks are not interested in so many installments, only the fact whether there are no arrears in repayments.

What if the installments are not repaid?

What if the installments are not repaid?

First of all, this is information for the bank that such a person is completely unreliable and certainly no bank will give credit or any installments. BIK is information that banks do not grant credit to someone who, despite their considerable creditworthiness, does not pay any liabilities.

And what if we are not at BIK at all?

And what if we are not at BIK at all?

Many people think that if they are not at BIK, they will get a loan faster because they do not have any burdens. Nothing could be more wrong. For the bank, this means that the person has not been checked by anyone and is more unreliable than someone, he does not always pay the installments on time. The consequences of such BIK avoidance are often unpleasant for us, because if necessary, when a loan is needed very much, no bank will help, because it does not know whether we will pay the installments. Therefore, if we are able to buy something in installments or take a loan, it is worth using it and building your own credit history. It is worth knowing that non-bank loans do not count towards BIK. Only debt in banks counts or installment, which is also provided by banks.



 Inconsiderate borrowing of fast cash loans that are so popular in Poland can lead to serious financial problems. The debt loop will tighten on our neck if we consciously and “head off” do not plan our expenses and we will not check the credit offer exactly, as well as the contract that the lender will give us to sign. It is not an art to incur several or even several thousandth credit. The trick is to borrow responsibly. It is worth going to an institution which in its activities is guided primarily by the principles of responsible lending.

It does not mean responsibly quickly

It does not mean responsibly quickly

Responsible lending is a very popular business strategy currently used by financial institutions operating both on the banking services market and consumer loans of the non-banking sector. Of course, not all companies in the financial sector, especially those from the fast cash loans sector, operate in accordance with Polish law and apply a responsible lending strategy in their operations.

The full, transparent and comprehensive information provided by the financial institution regarding the privileges and obligations arising from the cash loan agreement, including the amount of the loan it can receive, the duration of the contract and all related costs should be extremely important for the borrower.

The consumer must be given the opportunity to contact the lender at any time in order to dispel any doubts before and during the contract being signed. This is especially important for currently popular loans over the internet.

– Responsible lending should be a priority for all undertaken and implemented organizational and financial undertakings of financial institutions operating on the Polish consumer loans market – convinces the expert of MiniCredit , an international financial company operating for years in the cash loans sector – Granting financial obligations should be done in accordance with and comply with legal provisions applicable in the Republic of Poland, as well as in the interest of ensuring the highest standards of customer service – he adds.

Financial lustration

Financial lustration

A company providing a cash loan should carefully verify the creditworthiness of a potential borrower, preferably using information obtained eg in the Economic Information Office (BIG) or Credit Information Bureau (BIK). Credit should not be granted to people whose financial situation prevents them from paying their financial liabilities on time. Each client should receive comprehensive information about why his loan application has been negatively evaluated. This kind of activity also fits into the strategy of responsible lending.

So dear reader, if you are planning to take out a cash loan in one of the financial institution operating in our market, check whether it uses the strategy of responsible lending. This can save you from unpleasant financial consequences in the future. Come responsibly!






Currently, many banks and payday loan companies offer loans along with insurance. Not infrequently for insurance is also a condition for receiving money. Insurance policies offered with payday loans are usually life policies whose purpose is to protect the borrower in the event of problems with repayment of the loan . They concern the situation of job loss, illness that prevents repayment of installments, and death. But what if the borrower’s death occurred and the loan was not insured?

Loans and payday loans do not expire automatically upon the death of the borrower. This applies to both short cash loans in banks, non-bank payday loans, as well as mortgage loans for purchase of a flat or construction of a house. Of course, a greater danger occurs when an installment loan or a mortgage loan has been drawn for a very high sum and for a long period.

When a loan or payday loan was insured in the event of the client’s death, then the satisfaction is covered by the policy. But what happens when the insurance has not been signed?

Uninsured loan for consumption – who has to pay it back?

Let’s focus here on cash loans usually made for various types of shopping. If a cash loan is taken for consumption purposes, which is usually not secured, then upon the death of the borrower the obligation to repay falls on the heirs. The lending institution then terminates the contract and the consequence is that the institution satisfies the assets left by the borrower.

If the borrower took out a loan as a spouse, then the gratification takes place on the joint property, but this is only when the deceased debtor has taken the loan with the consent of his spouse. In the opposite situation, the debt passes on relatives who can accept or reject such a decline.

Loan in the fall

It is worth to point out the issues related to accepting the inheritance. At the moment of the borrower’s death, an inheritance is opened on the basis of a will written by him or on the basis of currently applicable legal regulations, on the basis of statutory inheritance. The heir may both accept and reject the inheritance.

In the case of rejection of the inheritance completely, the heir is not responsible in general for inheritance debts. Of course, he does not inherit both debts and other elements of inheritance, for example home, car, money. The heir may also take a direct fall, i.e. without any limitation of liability – he is then obliged to pay off his debts with his property. The third option is to accept the inheritance with limited liability, i.e. with the benefit of the inventory. This limits the liability of the heirs for debts to the value of the inheritance received.

Therefore, in the worst case, the heir will not gain anything, because the inherited property will go into debt repayment, and in the best case it will gain if the estate is still in possession of the inherited debt.


It is no secret that taking out a payday loan at the bank is connected with the need to meet many requirements and it is not so rarely possible to meet with a refusal. Long waiting, filling out a lot of paperwork and frequent visits to the bank’s branch – you certainly do not have to worry about it, choosing to wait for a minute without BIG. These types of payday loans are an ideal solution for people who want to receive money in the shortest possible time and with minimal formalities.

Without submitting a series of various documents, calculating the creditworthiness or waiting for consideration of the application for half the day. In the case of weekend pay, the verification takes place automatically and immediately, and the transfer with the money goes to the borrower’s account even after several minutes from the positive consideration of the application.

The offer of non-bank institutions is also used by people who have been refused for various reasons for granting a bank payday loan. This is not only about indebted people, but also those who do not have creditworthiness. All you need is a negative entry in the Credit Information Bureau to become an insolvent person for the bank. In the case of parabanks, the unfavorable history in BIG or BIK does not prejudge the fact that the potential borrower can not count on financial assistance. Supporters can also count on those who are unable to document their income.

Quick and without formalities

The lack of a certificate of earnings is not a problem for the parabanks. In fact, this document is superfluous in the case of a shortcut. All you need is a valid ID, a bank account and access to the Internet. Online payday loans are therefore a great option also for people employed on the basis of a contract or contract for a specific task. It does not matter how much a person earns, but whether he or she will repay its commitment in a timely manner.

Waivers without BIG – why is it worth it?

payday loans without a BIG do not require the potential lender to be re-certified in the Economic Information Office. In fact, even young people who have never taken credit from a bank can use this offer. The lack of a positive credit history does not, therefore, prevent you from getting a quick cash injection. All you have to do is go to the lender’s home page and select the amount and duration of the liability that interests us. The calculator available on the website will automatically calculate the total cost of the payday loan.

The next step is to erase the short form, where it is required to provide your basic personal data. After sending the application, the data is verified immediately, then a verification transfer must be made to the lender’s account, amounting to a symbolic PLN. After just a few minutes you can enjoy new funds on your bank account, and all this takes place in the comfort of your home, in the day chosen for us and at a convenient time for us. Waivers without BIG allow you to borrow money from a legal source without having to stress yourself. Never ever borrowing was not so easy, convenient and fast.

When is it better to borrow over the Internet?

In the favor of payday debts, it certainly speaks of the fact that you can borrow the amount you need and allocate it for any purpose. It does not matter if the new funds on the account will be spent on the renovation of the apartment, new home appliances, car repairs, trips abroad, holidays in the mountains, the commune of the child or a birthday present for the spouse. You can borrow from several hundred zlotys to even tens of thousands of zlotys.

In many cases, you can even count on receiving a free first payday loan, which is certainly extremely beneficial. payday loans on the Internet do not require going to a fixed facility in order to apply for a payday loan. You do not even have to provide security and certification from your employer. However, this is not the end of benefits. Drum know that thanks to the timely repayment of the commitment, we build our positive credit history and we become more reliable clients. It will be much easier to get another payday loan in the future.

The requirements of the parabanks are certainly not excessive. It is enough to have an appropriate age – usually from 20 to 65-70 years old, have a current ID card, be a Polish citizen and have a permanent place of residence, and have your own mobile phone and bank account in a Polish bank. In fact, it can be said that quick payday pass via Internet is provided as proof. Simple and quick verification of the identity and bank transfer is enough to obtain the desired cash injection.

What should you remember when deciding on a break?

Instant readers via the Internet are available for both young and mature people. As the choice is wide, it is worth clarifying your individual needs, expectations and financial possibilities first. Thanks to this, it will be easier to find the best offer for you. Before submitting an application in a given company, it is worth getting acquainted with at least several other proposals. The financial comparison engines prove to be helpful in this case.

Thanks to them, you do not have to enter each lender’s website separately, but all information is available in a transparent way in one place. Remember to read carefully the terms and conditions of the payday loans, along with their costs. Although online checks are completely safe, it is not the best idea to decide on the first better offer. It should also be remembered that such payday loans are granted for a relatively short period of time, and untimely repayment is associated with additional costs and even entry to the KRD. Therefore, you need to analyze your options well.


Did you get into a difficult financial situation? Would you like to take out a loan but are you in the registry of borrowers? It is no obstacle for us. We will be happy to assist you. We will solve your problems together. Feel free to contact us and get your loan today.


We will Lend you Today even though you are Already in the Registry


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We will Lend you Today even though you are Already in the Registry



Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you bridge the financial troubles. We’ll get you out of a difficult situation and get rid of your worries.

Just fill in a short application online. We will contact you immediately from our call center. Our operators will help you fill in the application and advise you on what will be needed. You can arrange a short appointment to receive a quick loan of up to 20 minutes in cash.

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