Thursday, May 12 2022

A taco delivery man steals a bag from an apartment complex

A man who delivered tacos to someone in the Griffin building stole a bag of groceries containing a woman’s keys and personal effects from the lobby when he left.

Police said the woman called police around 9 p.m. on April 27 from the upscale apartment complex at 25090 Woodward Ave.

Her mother had dropped off the bag containing the woman’s belongings earlier that evening.

Police said a surveillance camera in the lobby shows the delivery man stole the bag and they are tracking him.

Woman vandalizes door of her ex, arrested for drunk driving

A Washington Township woman faces charges of drunk driving, trespassing and malicious destruction of property after police say she showed up at her ex-boyfriend’s home in Royal Oak .

Police say the woman was advised in the fall to enter the man’s home in the 4100 block of Woodland.

The man called the police around midnight on April 30 to report that the woman was knocking on his front door.

Yet it turns out the man had gone to a party with the woman earlier that night and argued with her.

He left and took an Uber home.

Police say the suspect showed up later and was angry. She started banging and kicking the door, damaging it.

Officers arrived and arrested her as she walked away. A preliminary breath test showed she was intoxicated and the police arrested her.

$97,000 van stolen

A Beverly Hills man reported that someone stole his Dodge Ram TRX while working in Royal Oak.

The vehicle is worth around $97,000.

Police said the man worked at a rental car company and parked the truck in a nearby empty lot in Woodward and Forestdale early April 28.

The Dodge Ram was gone when it returned about seven hours later.

Vandals cause $5,000 in parking lot damage

Someone vandalized a large electrical box container on the top floor of the city parking lot at 212 S. Center Street.

Police said the damage destroyed two heat pump condensers.

It will cost around $5,000 to repair the damage.

Car targeted for theft near Normandy Oaks Park

A Beverly Hills couple who visited Normandy Oak returned to their vehicle and found someone who had stolen several items from the woman’s purse on April 29.

Police say someone stole $134 in cash, credit cards and a key fob.

By the time the couple returned to their unlocked Honda Ridgeline pickup truck in the 4200 block of Delemere Boulevard, someone had already used the credit cards at various locations.

– Mike McConnell, Tribune editor


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