Thursday, December 1 2022


CAMBRIDGE – A major condo development proposed in Cambridge is drawing criticism from the community and council.

A developer is looking to build high rise condos with nearly a thousand units. The development would reshape the southern end of the Galt neighborhood. The project provides for five separate 15-storey towers.

The area is currently predominantly forested land on the southern edge of town near Churchill Park. The developer wants to create 991 units in a mix of one, two and three bedroom condos.

People who spoke at a council meeting on Tuesday raised issues with building heights, increased traffic, noise and the loss of around 660 trees.

The developer says he will replant trees.

The other major sticking point is affordable housing. Currently, the builder offers five affordable units, one in each tower. Several board members said there were not enough affordable units.

“One unit per building, that seems a little thin considering the proximity to the heart and the walking distance to the LRT, so affordable housing to increase it to 10.20, 30 units would be a substantial change” Scott Hamilton, a City of Cambridge councilor said.

The developer said he was ready to work with the city on the affordable housing unit number and could plant additional trees.

No decision on the project was taken Tuesday evening. No date has been set for the decision.



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