Friday, August 12 2022

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – A Cleveland woman is devastated after her car was set on fire and her home was also nearly burnt down on Wednesday.

The shocking crime was caught on camera and authorities say the suspect is still at large.

Surveillance video from the victim’s own front porch camera shows the daring, brazen and dangerous crime.

Someone is captured pouring gasoline near the front door of the Gay Avenue rental home around 8 a.m. while the victim was asleep.

You see more gasoline poured on the victim’s car, then the suspect set the car on fire.

Shanice Foster said she was sleeping on the sofa a few steps from the porch when she heard someone screaming fire.

She ran out of the house and went to her neighbors and said she was lucky to be alive.

“I would be dead, like literally dead. Like for real, ”Foster said. “It would have blown up my car and was right next to me. If I hadn’t woken up and he had hit the gas tank, there would have been an explosion in front of the house.

Foster believes someone familiar to him set the fire, but also believes that at least two other people are involved.

She said they blamed her for the vandalism she was never involved in.

They “accused me of breaking his windows,” Foster said. ” I have never done that. She said she would come to my street, spoil me and end my life.

Foster said she identified a potential suspect with Cleveland arson investigators.

On Saturday afternoon, authorities said no arrests had yet been made.

Foster said she was now afraid for her personal safety.

“I don’t understand why there is no arrest in progress? It’s ridiculous, “she said.” These people are free and they can come back at any time. “

Cleveland Fire confirms that there is an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Foster has so far said she is sleeping in her new car in undisclosed locations and believes that if investigators don’t act quickly her story could come to a tragic end.

“I shouldn’t have to live like this. Leave me alone, I don’t bother you all, ”she said. “I want to be safe – I want to be able to live at home and be safe. “

Cleveland Fire is investigating an aggravated arson because Foster was home at the time.

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