Thursday, December 1 2022

ROCKWOOD — Guelph/Eramosa council on Monday gave the green light to a new apartment complex on Main Street South.

The new building, at 197 Main St. S., is adjacent to another apartment complex. The new building, which will be adjacent to another apartment complex, will be three stories high and have 28 units.

Concerns from neighbors about the development, about increased traffic and the problem of flooding, remain.

After council approved the development, a neighbor of the proposed construction site, Mike Yurek, expressed some serious issues with the development plan.

First, he noted the challenge of driving in the crowded area near his property and how more crowding would make the situation worse.

“To get out of my area, which is a shared driveway, I spent a minute and a half to two minutes there minimum trying to get to Highway 7 because traffic is coming in, can’t get out. It takes time with 10 cars. If you’re going to set up parking for 70 how long are we going to be there, just this exit, that’s it,” Yurek said.

Another issue raised by Yurek is the danger of flooding, which he says has damaged his floor in the past when the sidewalk was laid near his house, “water ran under my hardwood floor, the blew them all up,” he said. Yurek notes that with other paving on the site, the water will have to go somewhere.

Mayor Chris White attempted to address Yurek’s concerns.

“Obviously you are there, you are directly affected by what is happening here. And I hear what you’re saying. The last thing we want to see is next Monday’s show set to go, with no further information. So we need to find a mechanism to ensure that Mike’s direct concerns are taken into account by the applicant when developing the site plan,” White said.

“There may be a disagreement Mike, I’m just going to be direct, there could be stuff around it. But let’s make sure we’ve checked this properly. I don’t want a show up, sitemap and having all those things hanging out if possible. So I’m going to leave that to the GM, Meagan and the Clerk to find a mechanism in and under the Planning Act so that we get the additional details that Mike is looking for,” White said.

Com. Bruce Dickieson expressed support for the development.

“It seems like it’s been going on for a long time and it makes sense to me,” Dickieson said.

Whereas, Meagan Ferris, Planning and Development Manager, noted that so far concerns regarding the proposed construction have been resolved.

“There was a series of comments that were received for this development proposal and a good number of comments that were received from the public during the public meeting. So in terms of starting with the township consultants and the comments from the outside agencies, at this point all the comments related to the zoning bylaw amendment, so the suitability of use, the introduction of this use in the settlement, have been addressed,” Ferris said.

Jesse Gault is the Local Journalism Initiative reporter for GuelphToday. LJI is a federally funded program.


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