Thursday, May 12 2022

Wheeling, West Virginia (WTRF)

It’s the fire call that no one ever wants to hear fire-house with trap.

“Around 10:30 am Thursday morning, we received a first report on a fire with entrapment in the 600 block of Main Street,” said Philip Stahl, head of public information Wheeling Fire and Police.

The large brick house, now an apartment building at 610 and 612 Main Street, was on fire and a family was inside.

Units responded to a structure fire on Main Street in Wheeling

Nina Sparks from Wellsburg and her sister were driving by.

“When we arrived there was smoke,” Sparks said. “And then there were children and adults running out of the house. As we stopped, we saw flames on the second floor. Then we parked the car and got out, then the flames came out of the windows.

She said tenants from a nearby apartment came out and took the family to their apartment because they weren’t dressed for the outside.

“The Wheeling Fire Department was able to extinguish and contain the fire in approximately 20 minutes,” Stahl noted. “Station 2 is only a few blocks away and crews from Wheeling Island and other areas of the city have also responded.”

Fire investigators begin their work to determine how it started.

But the most important thing is clear: everyone got out safe and sound and no one was injured.

The family consists of a mother and four children.

Officials tell us that the Red Cross and the mother’s workplace will provide a hotel room for them to stay temporarily.

The Salvation Army would meet with them tomorrow about dress coupons since they lost everything.

The Rev. Darrell Cummings and his wife Letitia took them at Wal Mart to buy them clothes and bring them food because they had not eaten all day.

The family recently moved to Wheeling from Connecticut.

Donations can be accepted at the Apostolic Temple in Bethlehem, with a mention “for the family of fire”.


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