Thursday, December 1 2022

A family member told 13News Now the two were in good spirits, despite the circumstances.

HAMPTON, Va. – A Hampton mother and her young daughter are recovering from severe burn injuries at adjacent hospitals in Norfolk. The two face a long road to recovery, after a massive fire ripped through their apartment building in Hampton early Friday morning.

While visiting Hampton Woods Township on Saturday afternoon, debris, charred char and barricades were left at the affected unit. About 50 people cannot stay there, while two dozen units are unlivable, according to Hampton Fire Department.

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Among those injured and rescued from the blaze were Shannon Perkins and her 9-year-old daughter NiRee.

“Them, the phone and the dog, that’s what happened,” said Anjelle Culton, Perkins’ sister.

Culton said his sister, niece and their dog made it out. The flames from someone else’s apartment spread quickly.

“From what I’m told, a firefighter literally stood in the flames and just grabbed them out the door,” Culton added.

Culton said 40% of Perkins’ body was burned, including part of his face, back and from shoulder to ankle. NiRee has burns on half of her face.

Culton spoke about the physical and emotional aspect of their long road to recovery: “To realize that they have lost everything, for a child, I think it’s even difficult. For mom, it’s going to be twice harder, isn’t it, because she has to recover mentally and emotionally not only for herself but also for my niece.”

Despite the circumstances, Culton said the mother and daughter remain in high spirits.

For example, Culton shared what NiRee is doing in her hospital room: “Her eyes are swollen. It looks like she can’t see, but she’s still coloring a picture for her mom. She has a file with crosswords which I made sure to give him.”

Culton has launched an online fundraising page for Perkins and NiRee. He raised over $2,000 on Saturday night. However, Culton said the family was equally grateful for the prayers and well wishes.

Support is also pouring in at the township rental office. Alicia Davis, a local mother, stopped several times to drop off items for displaced tenants.

“I just can’t imagine. I really feel bad for the tenants,” Davis said. She donated things, like school supplies and toiletries.

“Literally anything anyone can give, please bring it,” she added. “Because it’s unfortunately something that can happen to

On Friday, two more residents went to a nearby hospital for inhaling smoke, according to Hampton Fire & Rescue. A total of eight firefighters had to go to the hospital for burns; they have since been released.

Firefighters told 13News Now they do not consider the fire to be suspicious in nature. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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