Friday, August 12 2022

REVERATE, MASS. (WHDH) – After the aftermath of a fire at a high-rise in Revere displaced around 100 tenants on June 21, Mayor Brian Arrigo blames landlords for slow rebuilding and is stepping up efforts to get the emergency receivership of the building.

As the first month anniversary of the fire approached, Arrigo shared photos of the Waters Edge apartments which showed unfinished walls, puddles and errant pieces of construction equipment. According to the mayor, the owners, Carabetta Companies, did not do their duty towards the tenants of the building.

“It was absolutely deplorable,” Arrigo said. “I’m so angry. I’m so upset. This organization acted more like a criminal organization than a property management company.

Some of the building’s residents expressed their frustration to 7NEWS.

“My son always asks ‘when are we going to come back?'” said a woman, accompanied by her young son. “I don’t have an answer because no one gives me an answer. I am homeless.

“It’s very frustrating day by day not knowing what you’re going to do, where you’re going to sleep tonight,” said another displaced resident.

After officially condemning the building last month, Arrigo said the next step is for the three properties to be seized by the Carabetta Companies, citing not only the dilapidated conditions but the company’s outstanding balance of nearly $2 million. tax arrears.

“This dissatisfaction has only been exacerbated by their failure to live up to our residents during one of the toughest times anyone can go through,” Arrigo said.

Arrigo also said he hopes to redirect federal Covid relief funds to help displaced people find permanent housing.

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