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The condition of houses in Kampung Iboi which was badly damaged after being hit by floods yesterday afternoon in Baling, July 6, 2022. – Bernama pic

Wednesday 06 July 2022 19:31 MYT

BALING, July 6 – The government of Kedah will provide six-month temporary rental accommodation for victims who lost their homes due to the floods that occurred here on Monday afternoon.

Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said that so far 15 houses had been rendered uninhabitable, some of which were washed away by strong currents during the disaster.

“The government has decided to provide temporary housing for villagers who will be homeless for six months. We will rent accommodation for these families as well as the objects they can recover. The (state) government will pay the rent,” he told a press conference after chairing the Baling District and Lands Office Executive Council here today.

Muhammad Sanusi said the state would help rebuild new housing for homeless residents, but added that there were constraints in terms of land ownership.

He said most of the houses that were washed away near the river were built on reservation land (along the riverbank) with no property.

“If they have land on other sites, it’s easier. If they don’t have land, we have to find a placement first, which means it will take longer. Hopefully this (problem) can be resolved soon,” he said, adding that 12 villages comprising 627 residents were affected by the floods.

Apart from that, he said, so far a total of 14 houses were reported as damaged and in need of major repairs, while the number of houses with minor damage was still being determined. .

Meanwhile, Muhammad Sanusi said the movement of volunteers here on a relief mission was coordinated by the operations room to ensure aid reached all villagers affected by the disaster.

“When these volunteers contact us, we direct them to villages that have not yet received assistance. (So) don’t just focus on the damaged bridge area (in Kampung Iboi) which is already filled to the brim (with rescue teams).

“There are other villages and areas with houses to clear, so we are directing them to places where there are no volunteers yet,” he said, adding that the territory’s Islamic Religious Council federal government (MAIWP) intended to help flood victims with a substantial amount. — Bernama


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