Friday, August 12 2022

OZARK, Mo. (KY3) – Rent and housing markets have skyrocketed over the past year, making it harder to find housing.

Lori Hilt lives in Ozark but is looking to move.

“Someone is taking advantage of, I mean, ridiculous housing markets,” Hilt said.

Hilt said it was difficult to find housing to pay for.

“The same house two years ago on the date, they doubled what you would pay for them now,” Hilt said.

Hilt is one of many facing the housing and rental crisis, with price hikes everywhere you turn. Hilt said her rent had gone up over the years and she was forced to leave, which caused her to spend most of her day looking at ads.

“I was spending about five to six hours a day,” Hilt said.

Sonya Wells, owner of The Firm Real Estate LLC, said the current situation goes back to supply and demand.

“There’s been such an influx of rental needs that people are scrambling to try and find places,” Wells said.

Wells said she’s been in this market since 1988 and the combination of the pandemic, construction prices, supply chain issues, etc., is a big storm to weather.

“It’s just a weird market,” Wells said. “I mean, it’s kind of one of the weirdest markets I’ve ever seen.”

Hilt said this strange market was a burden.

“There’s nothing you can do,” Hilt said. “If I had small children, I would have panic attacks.”

Hilt said she has a safety net to go live with her family, but doesn’t see how struggling young families can get through this and hopes for a change.

“I don’t know where people are going, and I think that’s wrong,” Hilt said. “We can do better than that. The fact that we allow this to happen is truly aggravating.

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