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Le Domaine des Salines, Marrakech, Morocco (Vrbo): It can be difficult to cross that fine line between luxury and authenticity when looking for the perfect vacation home. You want excavations that embody the historic spirit of a place, but with the most modern amenities. (Gigantic infinity pools and saunas are considered ordinary items today, right? Well, we assumed so.) But this property on the outskirts of Marrakech manages that balance with a chic sensibility worthy of the most fanatic. in vogue of Marrakech: Yves Saint Laurent.

Welcome to the palace of luxury in red stone. While the Domaine des Salines is a fairly new property built with only the most luxurious materials, it was built using traditional techniques in the local style, so it comes with a healthy dose of the historic vibe you get. usually only houses that were built “a long time ago.” when.”

Rest assured there’s a big check mark next to all standard amenities here: Private tennis court? To verify. Garden full of olive trees? To verify. And, of course, the heated infinity pool of your dreams? Check check. But despite these amenities, the best feature of the nearly 15-acre property is its location. Domaine des Salines sits in the peaceful foothills of the Atlas Mountains surrounded by pine forest, but the big town is only 30 minutes away.

Think back to your best dramatic entry: the graduation party? Your marriage? The time you saw your ex-boyfriend for the first time after a big breakup? Either way, we’re sure it was fabulous… but that doesn’t have anything to do with the great appearances that take place in this magnificent entryway.

Strutting around the spectacular silver lobby isn’t the only way to make your entrance here. Some might consider the 30-minute drive to Marrakech a short drive. Others will say it’s about 20 minutes too long to wait to be comfortably settled on that sofa by the fire. For the latter group, can we offer you your own private helipad that lets you fly like a bird straight from the airport to your vacation home.

This delightful photo asks a very serious question: If we write the next Pulitzer Prize winning novel during this vacation because we were so inspired by this perch turned writing, can we deduct our rental from our taxes? Keep that thought while we call Uncle Sam.

The house is giant (over 16,000 square feet!) And has seven bedrooms, which means your favorite 13 people can join you on this getaway…

With marble as far as the eye can see, we are convinced that this immaculate bathroom is really just a giant paddling pool. It’s like the water park of our adult dreams.

The rules clearly state that as soon as you see it you can call dibs. Let the record show: we call dibs!

You know that feeling when you browse a design magazine – or rather, browse interior design porn because this is the year of our Instagram Lord 2021 – and you think, “That! This is exactly the salon I want! We are going through one of those times right now.

Floor-to-ceiling windows that convert to retractable walls are all available in California right now, but there’s something a little different, a little more glamorous, when those walls open up to let in the breeze of the mountains. Atlas mountains.

The living room is all light – whites and blond browns – which means the kitchen naturally darkens. These black counters are for better drizzling with sauce, my dear.

There is something so refreshing about having your dinner outside. Even more refreshing is living your entire Moroccan vacation in the great outdoors when these are the kind of spaces available to spend the day.

We believe every night is one calling for candles and tiki torches while lounging in the garden.

Jesus walked on water, but after the last two years we’ve had, it seems like way too much work. Here you can just lie on a chair in the middle of the infinity pool and bask in the water for as long as it takes for your mind to stop wavering. No matter who you are, we know the pandemic has been a time. You deserve a break with a view.

Book your stay: Le Domaine des Salines, Marrakech, Morocco $ 2,580t / night via Vrbo

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