Thursday, June 30 2022

The following transfers of ownership have been recorded at the Tucker County Clerk’s Office:

Timberline Landscape Care LLC, Thomas Corporation, Lot 666 Tony Row to Wendy Kelly, $ 1,000.

Brian Ort / Trustee, Teresa N. Lewis / Trustee; T. Lewis and B Ort Trust, Clover, 68.01 acres and 2.75 acres to James A. Hebb, $ 202,500.

Lamgar LLC, Davis Corporation, Lot 18 Davis to WNT Properties LLC, $ 0.

John Harvey Foster, Dry Fork, 0.21 acre permanent drainage easement in West Virginia Department of Transportation, Highways Division, $ 1,500.

Karen M. Hanlon, Dry Fork, Unit E1 Week 19 Terre de Canaan Vacation Resort to Karen M. Hanlon and Gregory Hanlon, $ 0.

Robert D. White, Licking, 1/3 interest 44.7 acres White Ridge to Kevin M. White, Brittany M. White, Robert D. White / Life Estate, Deniece D. White / Life Estate, Kyle White / Life Estate and Betty A White / Life Estate, $ 1,000.

Harold Chase, III and Laurie Little, Dry Fork, 12.96 acres to Frank Mello and Claire Mello, $ 90,000.

Richard E. MacDonald, Dry Fork, Unit A4 Northwoods Condominium at Richard E. MacDonald / Trustee, Ann D. MacDonald / Trustee; Richard E. MacDonald Revocable Trust, $ 0.

Heather H. Finly, Dry Fork, Lot 16 Yoakum Run 0.463 acre, Lot 17 Yoakum Run 0.475 acre to Heather H. Finly Irrevocable Trust, $ 0.

William H. Marshner and Connaught R. Marshner, Dry Fork, Unit 37 Winterset to Eric Laiti and Donna Laiti, $ 175,000.

Donald L. Knotts, Black Fork, 11,882 square foot permanent drainage easement at West Virginia Department of Transportation / DOH. $ 2,500.

Heather A. Paul, Parsons Corporation, Part Lot 44, Lot 45 and 2.12 acres Par Joins Par 45 Seiler Addition to Shavers Fork Properties LLC, $ 75,000.

Timothy H. Clark, Dry Fork, Unit 1123 Beaver Ridge Condo at Rod Jones, $ 84,000.

Linda S / Paulson, Megan S. Aufrichtig and Zachary T. Paulson, St. George, 1 acre to Theodore J. Gaither and Ella G. Gaither, $ 40,000.

Chelsea M. Minnutelli / FKA / Chelsea M. Price; Chelsea M. Price / NOW / Chelsea Minnutelli, Dry Fork, Unit A2 Northwoods Condo at Crown Jewel Properties LLC, $ 100,000.

Randy B. Miller and Diane M. Miller, Dry Fork, 0.32 acre to Daniel Roush and Erin R. Roush, $ 29,500.

Mary M. Berner, Dry Fork, 0.146 acre to Christopher John Byers, $ 285,000.

Sharon L. Martin, Fairfax, P / O WPP A-6 0.91 acre to Peter Shawn Martin and Elaine Dale Geroski, $ 0.

Sharon L. Martin, Thomas, lot 643 to Peter Shawn Martin and Elaine Dale Geroski, $ 0.


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