Wednesday, January 12 2022

A non-profit group has proposed a 13-story, 111-unit residential building on what is now parking next to the Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers, on Huntington Avenue, just outside Brigham Circle.

BPDA holds a Zoomed public meeting on the proposal of the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard Association at 6 p.m. Monday. The non-profit organization manages some 1,100 low-income apartments in the Mission Hill area, including the Mission Park development.

The group’s proposal calls for 55 low-income apartments and 55 condos, about half of which would have income restrictions for buyers.

The building would have an underground garage with 24 spaces.

The dossier describes how the building will fit into the surrounding streets:

A newly imagined sidewalk condition is inspired by the “Welcome Mat” concept realized along the “Avenue of the Arts” district of Huntington. An attractive sidewalk, playful landscaping forms, and lush greenery all work together to create an inviting, active, and pedestrian-friendly environment. Benches along the pedestrian zone offer seating possibilities under the tree-lined avenue of the street; there are also café-style furnishing possibilities. A handful of tables and chairs can be placed in the Parklet Street landscape, a vehicle-protected exit from Huntington Avenue and surrounded by plantations. The vegetated areas add to the beauty and appeal of the site and collect and clean the storm water in designed green infrastructure planters. The new streetscape features a 15-dock Blue Bike station, visitor bicycle parking racks, and an integrated vehicle drop-off / load area.

Accessible by St. Albans Road is a woonerf-style access hallway, a borderless environment that mixes a vehicle traffic lane with a pedestrian lane. This woonerf allows vehicles to access the parking garage of the building while safely allowing pedestrian traffic simultaneously. The 15′-0 “wide traffic lane is distinguished from the pedestrian lane by distinct pavement markings and materiality. However, the combined widths of the lane and pedestrian lane provide a surface area. continuous 20′-0 “wide, leveled for vehicles that allows both fire engine and two-way traffic. The design of the woonerf prioritizes the safety of pedestrians. The expected condition is that of slow traffic and accessible pedestrian surfaces flanked by plantations. A newly landscaped yard between 777 Huntington and 779 Huntington connects to the woonerf, providing additional plantings and living space.

A sloping pedestrian corridor provides traffic along the west side of 775 Huntington, connecting the woonerf to the “Welcome Mat” streetscape of Huntington Avenue. This accessible sloping path winds through a native, vegetated woodland landscape, “Woodland Connection”.

775 Huntington Ave. Deposits and schedule.

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