Friday, August 12 2022

It’s been almost two years since potential buyers bought $ 500 tickets for a VIP Access event that would give them the first knocks on the units of the new condos to be built on 8th Row in Bradford.

But now the developer and real estate broker involved have gone MIA, leaving residents pocketless and frustrated.

The plan was to host the exclusive presale event in spring 2020 for those who purchased the $ 500 VIP tickets in the fall. But spring has come and gone, and the event never happened.

The ticket issued by Twin Regency Bradford Condominiums stated that the holder was entitled to attend a special opening event for the purpose of reviewing floor plans and having the option of purchasing a condominium suite prior to to open sales to the general public.

The purchase of the ticket neither authorized nor guaranteed that the purchaser would be able to purchase a specific unit, it only provided access to the special evening. The ticket buyer would also get a five percent discount off the listed purchase price, free locker, free parking, one year of free maintenance, development caps, missions free and all discounts announced on launch night.

If the buyer was no longer interested in purchasing, they could contact Remax Hallmark BWG Realty Inc. in writing to request a refund and would receive their deposit within seven days of receipt.

The $ 500 from the sale of the note would then be deposited into a non-interest bearing trust account and held until the buyer enters into a binding buy and sell agreement for a sequel, in which case the money. would be applied to buyer’s deposit.

It was later learned that Remax had withdrawn from the project. Bradford today contacted Goddard Remax in April for comment, but did not receive a response.

In April 2021, the developer, Twin Regency, declared Bradford today that the project was on hold as they were working on a new construction schedule and showing the date of the VIP event, but ticket buyers were able to get a refund on demand.

A couple, who wish to remain anonymous, said they bought a ticket in December 2019, excited about the first condo development in Bradford.

“We have waited almost two years for the development of Twin Regency to kick off with frequent updates from Triumphant Group indicating that the project is moving forward,” they told BradfordToday.

The couple recently reached out to the developer to ask for a refund, to get a return email and no phone response.

“Now that they don’t respond to my refund request, I feel deceived and misled,” they said. “I also feel helpless because I have exhausted all means of trying to contact them without a response.”

Many other members of the Bradford Condos VIP Ticket Holders Facebook group have reported similar complaints. A few said they had not received any response regarding the requested refunds.

The Home Building Regulatory Authority says it is aware of the matter and is reviewing it.

Bradford today asked the Triumphant group for comment to inquire about the current state of the project, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


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