Did you get into a difficult financial situation? Would you like to take out a loan but are you in the registry of borrowers? It is no obstacle for us. We will be happy to assist you. We will solve your problems together. Feel free to contact us and get your loan today.


We will Lend you Today even though you are Already in the Registry


Do you need to quickly cover sudden expenses, but the payout money is not enough? We understand that everyone can get into a difficult situation and therefore we will be happy to help you fairly and transparently. You don’t have to be afraid of any hidden fees or incomprehensible contracts. With us, you solve your problems quickly, safely and easily. We offer fast non-bank loans from 3,000 to 150,000.

  • Virtually anyone can borrow from us, just a few basic conditions
  • Our loans are pointless. You can use the money you need
  • Closing the loan is quite simple and is done online
  • You can get your money within 20 minutes in cash at our Prague office
  • You can also close our non-bank loan from the comfort of your home without going anywhere
  • You will receive the money the same day at our branch in cash or we will send it to your account as soon as possible
  • Our contracts are clear and clear and fair terms
  • We are a proven transparent company operating on the market for over 10 years.


We will Lend you Today even though you are Already in the Registry



Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you bridge the financial troubles. We’ll get you out of a difficult situation and get rid of your worries.

Just fill in a short application online. We will contact you immediately from our call center. Our operators will help you fill in the application and advise you on what will be needed. You can arrange a short appointment to receive a quick loan of up to 20 minutes in cash.

You can also fill in everything at home and send it with our courier. You will receive your money in the shortest possible time as soon as the request, documents, contract and documents arrive.

We provide quick loans without a registry immediately. Indeed, we know that everyone can get into a difficult situation, regardless of age or status. We are here to help you and get rid of worries.

We always try to accommodate our clients. We appreciate your cooperation. That is why we approach each application individually and consider each application separately.

If you meet our conditions, you have almost 100% confidence that you will get your money today .