Friday, August 12 2022

A development proposal for the Xerox Building in Rosslyn is being reviewed by county planning staff.

Building owner and financial services company TIAA, with its property management branch, proposes to demolish the building at 1616 Fort Myer Drive and build a 30-storey, 691-unit apartment tower in its place.

“Recognizing the location and topography of the property, this application envisions the transformation of the property into an exciting multi-family residential development with world-class architecture,” legal representation for applicant Nan Walsh and Andrew Painter wrote in a letter to the county in June.

The office building on the site, which adjoins a condo complex, hotel, and other office building (recently home to President Trump’s re-election headquarters), opened in the 1970s. After hosting Xerox for many years he recently saw a few vacancies, the Washington Business Journal reports.

The new 1616 Fort Myer Drive “will serve as an iconic architectural feature for Rosslyn’s south gate,” said Walsh and Painter, attorneys at land use planning firm Walsh Colucci.

They say the height and architecture would tick a box in the Rosslyn area map stating that a development should “regard its appearance as a gateway to the Rosslyn area”.

The TIAA tower would be 290 feet high, the maximum height allowed in the sector plan. Residents will have access to a semi-underground car park which, according to lawyers, will be “nestled in the natural slope of the property,” which slopes from north to south. There will be 437 parking spaces, for a ratio of 0.63 space per unit.

The above-ground portions of the garage “will be fully filtered through architectural treatment and residential uses,” they wrote.

TIAA can use more than a third of the apartments for short stays while the building works to find longer term tenants.

“The applicant plans to designate up to 250 residential units for temporary hotel use and short-term rental during the initial rental period for a limited period of up to five years,” wrote Walsh and Painter.

This is a source of income that other developers in the region want to tap into, and one that the county council recently deliberated on. Some community members have expressed concerns about the impact such a policy would have on housing affordability.

Ministry of Community Planning, Housing and Development staff say they intend to investigate the matter. For now, by a recent staff presentation, the division will review requests for the temporary use of hotels for a period of up to two years.

In terms of community benefits, the developer aims to achieve LEED Gold sustainability certification, contribute to the Arlington Underground Utilities Fund, contribute public art in Rosslyn, and make improvements to the landscape. of street. Plans for additional contributions to affordable housing are being developed.

A preliminary review of the project is underway. Once his request for a full site plan has been accepted by county staff, dates will be set for public meetings before a county council vote. Staff plan to bring this project to the board by July 2022, for example the presentation.


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