Friday, August 12 2022

The residents of Dr. Phillips are crazy about a proposal to build an apartment building in their neighborhood.

“We designed these stickers that say STOP KIMCO save DP.” DP stands for Dr Phillips. This is where Rachael Coudriet grew up. She distributes stickers to raise awareness of , a proposed high-rise apartment building in The Marketplace mall, adjacent to Dr Phillips Blvd and Della Drive. “Traffic is a huge problem, obviously an influx of residents. Plus the extra bodies of people who would be living here.”

KIMCO Realty has confirmed that it wants to redevelop this former Stein Mart parcel into an apartment building of 8 stories or less, with 300 to 400 units. There would be shops below and dwellings above.

“We’re not against the development, we’re just against this particular development because it doesn’t fit the community of Dr. Phillips.”
Kurt Kotzin created the group called Stop KIMCO. He says there is an even bigger plan to build more units. “Build up to 874 apartments. And our group is against that.” Kimco says it’s part of a 20-year plan. They released a statement: “No official plan has been filed for this master plan, nor for the construction of 800 residential units. Our immediate goal is to redevelop the vacant Stein Mart parcel.” We are against the giant change this will bring to the neighborhood. Kotzin says currently there are no more than 20 units per acre allowed. with the residents this fall to find a compromise. Rachael says, “I think it would be great to start that conversation. But I also think it would be good for them to know that we don’t want to compromise.

KIMCO says the project is still 4-5 years away if approved. They say no store will be eliminated. KIMCO statement in full: The master plan that some community members are reacting to is meant to imagine what the site might look like in the distant future (over 20 years). These changes would occur over the course of a multi-decade project, and the process would include extensive community and municipal engagement along the way, and likely multiple iterations of height, number of units, and mix of uses. . No formal plan has been submitted for this master plan, nor for the construction of 800 residential units. Our immediate goal is to redevelop the vacant Stein Mart parcel, where we offer only 25-30% of the residential units described in the long-term master plan. Our ultimate goal is to create a synergistic mix of uses that will best serve the surrounding community and support existing retailers to ensure the lasting success of this asset.


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