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39 Ridgewood Dr Unit 39: Walter W. and Kathleen M. Salvi to Janice Carbonneau and Steven Prudhomme, $310,000


Center Rd: Donna M Buxton RET and Donna M. Buxton to John L. and Meghan S. Baier, $1,050,000

90-B Deer Hill Rd: S&H Walker Woods Hldg to Dancing Lax Holdigns LLC, $160,000

33 Route 107: Wright Builders LLC to Jarrod T. and Amanda C. Trejo, $660,000

Route 111A: Bette L. Orcutt to Stacey Guptill, $335,000


215 Villager Rd Unit 215: Chris J. and Julie E. St Onge to Brenda M. and John V. Sliwerski, $449,933


16 Happy Hollow Rd: Matthew R. Deans to Timothy and Kathy Belanger, $420,000


13 Back Chester Rd: Dennis Giangregorio to Dennis Giangregorio and Dana K. Mathewson, $297,200

155 Workaround 28: Doreen L. Doyle to KMS Holdings LLC, $470,000

6 Chancellor Dr: Renee F. Brusseau to Shaelagh E. Sheilds, $538,533

Chase Mill Condo Unit 302: Chase Derry LLC to Peter F. and Ellen M. Roach, $348,000

77 Chester Rd: Rita T Demers RET and Rita T. Demers to Kyle C. Forgeron and Jillian Barden, $725,000

183 Hampstead Road: Daniel G. Keith to Rebecca Boulay, $400,000

8 Kilrea Rd: Cliton and Beth K. Robinson to Nicole Candelieri and Elijah J. Dill, $495,000

22 Manchester Rd Unit 9: Ramp Holdings LLC to 3 LBC 2 LLC, $430,000

1 Phillip Rd Unit L: 21 Bedford Place LLC to Matthew J. Carey and Lilianna R. Bedard, $320,000

1 Pine Isle Dr Unit B: Deborah Capistran to Chantal J. Avard, $295,000

5 Silvestri Cir Unit 1: Matthew Spellissy to Daria Romanova and Alexey Brayman, $200,000


10 Mulberry Ln Unit 36: Canterbury Commons LLC to David L. and Ann E. Benjamin, $599,400

7 Shannon Dr: Stacey L. Warren and Thomas F. Houde to Alyse and John Mento, $490,000


50 Brookside Dr Unit P6: Potchaman Klappong to Michael W. Donahue, $265,000

9 Comings Ct: Todd C. Guardat to Luke A. and Loa E. Denio, $480,000

1 Dearborn Brook Cir: Zuming Feng and Xueyu Zhang to Yueqiang Liu and Ting Yuan, $900,000

Linden St: Beech Hill Mgmt Svcs Inc to Cobbletone 2 Lex A LLC, $1,400,000

14 Portsmouth Ave Unit B: Andrea Papoutsy RET and Andrea Papoutsy to Edmund G. and Gail R. Tomlinson, $235,000


60 Cambridge Rd: Joseph P Wrobel RET and Joseph P. Wrobel to Dona L. Scheuner and Stanley Sakalis, $722,000

472 Route 111 Unit F2: Gary J. Barnes to JCA Properties LLC, $75,000

30 Tewksbury Rd: Devin K. Stratos to Kyle J. and Lindsey P. Carleton, $440,000


1 Bayberry Ln: Moaratty FT and Richard M. Moaratty to Stephen and Paul Rafferty, $640,000

17 J Street: Patricia M. Duquette to Thomas M. Mcguirk, $863,000

179 Mill Rd: Loretta M. Fothergill and Scottsdale REI LLC to Scottsdale REI LLC, $285,000

145 Timber Swamp Rd: Deda A. Clark to Jennifer and Jonathan Hynes, $610,000

12 Warner Ln: Kathleen M. and Alan L. Trofatter to Christine M. Joyce, $670,000

470 Winnacunnet Rd: J&Michele Guild FT and Jefferson T. Guild to Kim and Bryant Brown, $269,933

580 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 108: Mark A. and Mary G. Hilliard to John C. Fields, $599,000

N/A Unit 19: Dennis L. and Arthur Dumont to Flippin Bergers LLC, $495,000

N/A: Marlene B Sanderlin RET and Marlene B. Sanderlin to Green Rock Invs LLC, $232,000


228 Amesbury Rd: Sarah A. Rydgren and Michael P. Kent to Sarah A. Rydgren and Michael P. Kent, $116,266

15 Lamprey Rd: David J. and Laura M. Corle to George S. Dietz and Elizabeth S. Sultzer, $565,000


Granite Fields Condo Unit 31: Pinnacle Builders LLC to Steven A. Castaldo and Deborah B. Chiaravalloti, $545,000

8 Lefevre Dr: RP Lefevre General Prtn to Zachary D. and Tara E. Conner, $761,000

107 New Boston Rd: US Bank NA Tr to Pier 60 LLC, $472,500

Shore Dr: Marie R. Harrington to Inherited Prop Soln LLC, $190,000


Akira Way: Fairwind Properties Inc to Akira Way LLC, $335,000

Cross Farm Condo Unit 162: Cross Farm Dev LLC at Roller FT and John D. Roller, $595,133

Cross Farm Condo Unit 138: Cross Farm Dev LLC at Glen A&D P Pierce RET and Glen A. Pierce, $630,533

6 Hampshire Ln: Redmon Geri East and Brett R. Scholbe to Marion L. Nichols, $400,000

26 Hope Hill Rd: Disidoro FT and Joseph J. Disidoro to Luke J. and Joi E. Kenny, $600,000

5 Misty Ln: Walczak FT and Robert J. Walczak to Lindsey and William Spanos, $950,000

244 Nashua Rd: Leonard and Jane Vigeant to Woodland RNC LLC, $450,000

6 S Parrish Dr Unit 6: David L. and Donna M. Pesce to Matthew A. and Victoria L. Bennett, $430,000

41 Stonehenge Rd: Thomas and Mary E. Censabella to Thomas J. Censabella and Shawna Denn, $500,000


20 Crane Crossing Rd: A&D Building LLC to Amanda Bailey, $300,000


6 Brunswick Cir: Kimberly A. and Steven R. Consoli to Aaron Mcinnis and Jennifer Duston, $726,000

30 Ledge Rd: Paula J. Carrier to 30 Ledge Road & Assoc LLC, $740,000

63 Tallant Road: James L. and Jennifer A. Gear to John P. Delcore, $480,000

4-6 Vassar Dr: Ryan M. and Stephanie L. Houston to Kelly and Dennis Reynolds, $575,000


18 Autumn Cir: Robert P. Joaquin to Anthony J. and Lindsay Crudale, $280,000

5 Captain Cook Way Unit 5: 5 Captain Cook Way NT and Melanie A. Ward to Sheri A. Hoffman and Carol A. Hamman, $350,000

7 Davis Park: Mark L. and Lisa A. Gardella to Caros Perez and Gabriela A. Portillo-Perez, $865,000

14 Davis Park: Jennifer and Daniel Nicolar to Peter C. Tatro-Julian, $410,000

10 Glendale Cir: Meghan Rocha and Jaron Anderson to Alexandra R. and Garrett R. Dube, $615,000

30 Kingston Road: Pamela Valliere to David S. Kearney, $360,000

273 Main St: Robert W Miller RET and Daniel J. Miller to Kaitlin M. Casey and Sean P. Gribbin, $418,600


2 Atkinson Rd: Linzetto IRT and Maria Bluestein to Mary A. Gagne, $450,000

17 Atkinson Rd: Janice M. Devlin to Paul J. Locke and Stephanie E. Fearns, $470,000

Brookdale Rd: Barbara J Benner RET and Eleanor B. Childs to Cronkhite RET and Alessia Cronkhite, $482,000

8 Lancelot Ct Unit 24: James M. Fleming to Jorge Martinez and Lauren Elwell, $215,000

9 Lancelot Ct Unit 24: Carol N. Eddy to Sarah A. Beaumont, $197,000

6 Marys Ln: Samantha R. Beaudry to Nicholas Robichaud, $510,000

4 Mulberry Rd: City of Salem to Thompson Holdings LLC, $165,000

4 Spring St: Northpeak Prop Soln LLC to Ganesh Ramaswamy and Hemalatha Nagarajan, $440,000

9 Tiffany Rd Unit 3: Stephen M. Berube to Hung H. Le, $200,000

91 Zion Hill Rd: Gould FT and Alan S. Gould to Brian and Elizabeth M. Mensinger, $270,000


Holts Point Road: Debra E. Amaru to William and Sandra Norton, $255,000


831 Lafayette Rd: Double 9 Prop 2 LLC to Store Principal Funding 26.3 $764,266

419 State Route 286 Unit 106: Eric M. Varney to Rose M. Mendonca and Henry W. Toromoreno, $150,000

419 State Route 286 Unit 301: Francis M. Downey to Holly Gattoni, $180,000


8 Acadia Drive: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Lindsay E. Bucci, $1,278,533

11 Indian Rock Rd: Village Center Prop LLC to Beylin Development LLC, $2,350,000

51 Kendall Pond Rd: Steven and Kathleen Morgano to Elizabeth and Steven Palardy, $470,000

50 Londonderry Rd: Nicholas J. Leonard and Natalie E. Jenoski to Joseph and Christine Mele, $750,000

3 Lori Rd: Barbara J. Scott to Darren and Stella Bemister, $408,000

3 Partridge Rd: Paul K. Terrio to Valentim Real Estate LLC, $880,000


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