Saturday, October 1 2022

If you think Toronto’s housing market is bad, the city’s rental landscape is pretty darn brutal right now, with prices rising every month – well up from last year’s rates – and selections thin for those looking to relocate to or within the city.

And, with everyone strapped for cash amid inflation, rising interest rates and more, landlords are increasingly desperate to rent out all the space they have, too.

That’s how we ended up with people renting out their horror movie hallways and basements as apartments – or, in the case of a new listrenting one of the two bunk beds for an exorbitant price.

The two single bunk beds are very reminiscent of dorm-style accommodations, but without the campus life and for $1,200 a month each. Facebook listing photo.

Yes, for a mere $1,200 a month you could sleep on one of two single bunk beds in a tiny windowless apartment near Broadview and Gerrard.

“Good location to downtown Broadview and Gerrard, shared kitchen and bathroom,” reads the brief listing posted on Facebook late last week.

toronto apartment

Everything seems clean and newly renovated, but dark. Facebook listing photo.

With her, a series of photos showing a small, narrow unit with a table and two chairs, two adjacent sinks, a small counter, a refrigerator and a bathroom.

Although the place looks clean and newly renovated, it is beyond basic, with just a hot plate, an open wooden shelf, and two cupboards.

toronto apartment

A single portable hot plate, refrigerator and a few feet of counter space are all you get in the unit. Facebook listing photo.

(Since a microwave and oven are listed as available, there must be another full kitchen somewhere in the building that is accessible. But still…)

And then, of course, there’s the sleeping situation: two thin dormitory-like beds, one above the other.

toronto apartment

The space is cramped and windowless. Facebook listing photo.

As sad and expensive as the apartment is for what is on offer, it was already listed as rented on the Facebook ad within four days of posting it, showing just how desperate people in the city are. .

Hopefully it was to a young student who at least already knows his roommate, given how close he pays.


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