Thursday, December 1 2022

A San Bernardino apartment building called a “junkyard” has been condemned and tagged red, but former tenants say they still need help.

“I left this weekend,” said former tenant Jessica Pasillas. “I rent a room. It’s a small, small room, but I’m not on the street or in my car, so…”

Kennae Orise, however, has nowhere to go.

“Most people left because they have vehicles to get around and stuff,” she said. “I don’t have a car to leave.”

Most are gone, but about 60 people still live in the building at 340 W. 4th St.

When tenant Jesse Franco was asked if he knew where he was staying after that, he replied that “I really don’t know”.

“Hopefully they come through and at least get it right,” Franco added.

By “they,” Franco means the owner of the building, which is registered with Ji Li and Fox Property Holdings LLC.

Franco, who is blind, hopes the landlord will honor a court order issued last month that requires him to help with some of the moving costs.

The problem is, however, that the deadline to leave the building was Monday, with no idea if they would ever get that help.

“I tried to get the voucher. I got it too late, he didn’t know anything about it,” said Franco, who added that without the voucher he “came back here”.

KTLA was told the landlord had sent security guards to the building Friday morning to evict the tenants, though Jeff Kraus of the City of San Bernardino said that even though the building is marked red, the city does not oblige. not people to go out in the streets.

“The housing laws are very clear and cannot be done… By tagging the building red, we were able to go unit by unit, and if we could verify that a unit was vacant, we could board it so that we didn’t. t have extra people moving in,” Kraus said.

In the meantime, the city will work one-on-one with residents to help with the transition, he said.


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