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Rising inflation, currency pressures and the political tussle are also affecting the real estate market. and the resulting uncertainty a. continues to postpone the purchase of departmentAccording to Real Estate Radar data for June, with an average price of US$2,276 per square meter, the stock, which has more than 164,000 units (or 120,000 apartments), was sold at only 1, 75% in May.

One of the main problems is “the wide dispersion of published value values”, defines Fabian Achval, CEO of Fabian Achval Properties. so where to look opportunity, Experts recommend doing it surgically: “One by one, well by well, regardless of neighborhood, volume or typology. Of course, the value ratio is maintained between the different areas: for example, Recoleta, Villa Encore more expensive than Crespo or Constitution,” he explains.

In this sense, the real estate portal Property points out that Buying a property for rental purposes offers an annual return on investment of 7.88% in Villa Lugano, 5.30% in La Boca; 5.05%, in the constitution; 4.82%, at Nose; and 4.65%, Villa General Miter. In contrast, San Telmo, Coglan, Versailles, Retiro and Belgrano appear, with annual returns between 3% and 3.4%.

Palermo, the district with the most apartments

As for stocks, Palermo continues to excel in the neighborhood with 22,322 rental properties – followed, but by a long way, by Belgrano, with 12,179; and Recoleta, 12,075-. So much in demand by young people and tourists, “it has very interesting projects with classy equipment and 1, 2 or 3-room units”, underlines Matias Chirom, general manager of Bagan Real Estate Operations.

In addition, most of the businesses in this area have premises on the ground floor which are usually “operated” by a brand in the gastronomy or clothing industry, which increases and generates a lot of daytime movements such as by night.

now so overstockWhere are the best trading prospects? The reality here is that you shouldn’t segment by region: the tendency to hear offers below list price comes with fewer sales, and that can happen in less developed neighborhoods or with less demand.

in numbers, What the public buys is above all the end user: According to the latest ROI report, are only 11% investorsAnd here are “young students who are going to live alone, newlyweds who have been helped by their families to join their first house, others who are growing up or who find themselves with very large apartments and decide to buy something else, boy,” says CEO Begun.

Palermo remains the best area to rent

But, similarly, “people with a lot of buying power have kids who wanted to rent and couldn’t get apartments or terms, and now their parents are buying them a unit instead of rent with these conditions”. Let’s decide and reference,” says real estate consultant Alan Schachter.

Buying a nice apartment, new or second-hand?

Depending on the need and purpose of the purchase, for economic reasons it is more convenient to do it from a well or even “when the developer buys the land”. But If the objective is to move in and move in as soon as possible, it will be necessary to evaluate the purchase of a new or used apartment in good condition, which today presents a good opportunity due to the low prices.Chirom thinks.

Real estate market: they indicate in which district it is advisable to buy an apartment for rent

Wells Dept. values ​​equated to new properties

And, because of the dynamism in the market,”A good property costs exactly the same price as a new apartment, Although the dollar has risen in recent weeks, the cost of building dollar wells has increased. On the other hand, there are new apartments that are built at an affordable cost and can be sold for better prices. It is better to buy new at the same price as good, new, and limit the risks”, understands Schachter.

But be careful, warns Achala: “There are companies that are completely overpriced and are asked for prices that have nothing to do with replacement or market values., for various reasons.” What should an investor or end-user do?: “Consult a lot of experts to get an idea of ​​what is in the price and what is not. There are assets that were worth 15 years ago and there are companies that have a developer who understands that he will have to rotate his stock and who will be more flexible than at any other time, ”he said. concluded.


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