Start your payday loan consolidation application today

A consolidation loan is a popular solution, intended to pay off previously incurred liabilities. Thanks to find this, debt consolidation merged into one, lower and more convenient installment. The borrower who is cut off often faces a dilemma, not “whether”, but “what” consolidation loan will be the best for him. Especially for the unoriented, we have prepared a ranking of the best loans on the market.

1. Consolidation loan in Lamar Bank, for regularly paying off

Lamar Bank dedicates its offer to people who have so far repaid their liabilities regularly. They can lower the current interest rate by up to 30 percent. The Bank accepts various sources of income, not only a contract of employment, but also a contract of mandate and a contract for specific work. The consolidation loan can be up to PLN 200,000. In addition, the bank gives you the opportunity to receive additional cash for any purpose.

2. Pagano Bank’s consolidation loan secured by a mortgage

Customers who are interested in the Pagano Bank offer must have real estate collateral. Here, the minimum loan amount is PLN 20,000, while the maximum is:

  •  80 percent of the value of the property constituting the collateral for the loan – if the consolidation includes a mortgage
  • 70 percent of the value of the real estate constituting the loan collateral – if the consolidation concerns only consumer loans

Pagano Bank limits the number of applicants to 4 and sets the age requirement. People who are 25 years of age or over 75 years of payment on the last installment can apply for credit. The loan term is from 3 to 30 years and can be obtained in tranches or once. In this case, the bank allows repayment of the loan both in fixed and decreasing installments.

3. Bailey consolidation loan with a low annual interest rate

Currently, Bailey offers promotional terms for reduced commission and interest rate, but only until June 28. Consolidation for indebted in this case includes loans: cash, car, renewable, installment and credit cards from another bank. In addition, you can receive additional money, up to 100% of the balance of consolidated liabilities, for any purpose.

In the case of Bailey, you can apply for a loan of up to PLN 180,000 gross, while the repayment period can be extended up to 96 months. The advantage of this offer is the lack of the necessity to open an account at Bailey and the fact that the application can be submitted online.

4. Lloyd Banking Services, i.e. not only mobile telephony

Lloyd Banking Services is a relatively new player on the market, which was created from the merger of Sync with the TMobile mobile telephony operator. The loan does not require an account, but only the bank’s clients have the option of submitting the application online.

You can use it to pay off cash, revolving and credit card loans. It does not require guarantors and securities, but the maximum loan amount is PLN 200,000, and the maximum loan period is 10 years. All formalities have been reduced to a minimum, and the loan is granted in the Polish zloty.

5. Herrer consolidation loan allowing to maintain credibility for BIK

This is an offer proposed by the Herrer financial services comparison engine. Individuals who submit an application through it can receive up to 30% lower interest rate. Thanks to the fact that Herrer sends a query to up to 7 financial institutions, the score in BIK is not reduced.

The decision to grant a loan may be issued after 24 hours and the application is submitted online. The advantage of using Herrer is the lack of fees for submitting the application itself, and the offer is the same as the one received in the bank.